How To Spy WhatsApp Messages Online for Free

By Gary J. Fowler | Jun 11, 2018 02:06 pm

Many people are opting to use WhatsApp for  texting instead of paying for the SMS services that can be costly in the long  term. These messages contain a lot of information. There is a growing need for  parents to monitor the phone activities of their loved ones.  This is to ensure they are safe when using  this form of social media. 

You are now able to spy on your targets  WhatsApp messages, calls, videos, photos and a lot more without them knowing.

1.  Spy WhatsApp Mesasges Online for Free

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It's very easy to use spy WhatsApp messages online for free on this site:

You will need to enter your targets phone number on the WhatsApp hack software. You can then select the data you want to hack, and then wait for the hacking process to be completed. You will then need to answer a few verification questions to complete the process.

spy whatsapp messages online

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2. Spy WhatsApp Messages via Whatsapp Web

To effectively spy on your target's  WhatsApp, you will need to use the WhatsApp web. You can only achieve this by  having access to your WhatsApp and staying connected to your mobile internet. The  WhatsApp web and the new web browser have to be authorized in both your phone  and your target phone to work effectively.

spy via whatsapp web

3. Using MAC Address Spoofing

This method can only work on Android  phones. In the Settings, go to the MCA Wi-Fi option  and get the address of your target person. Change it to reflect your Android  phone. By using their OTP number you will gain access to their WhatsApp from  your phone. You are now able to spy on all your target person's WhatsApp  activities from your phone.

mac address spoofing

4. Spy WhatsApp Messages From Disabled Phone

There are some phones that the owner has  used App lock for their WhatsApp which prevents you from gaining access to their WhatsApp messages. This can be a problem if you don't know what to do and  you need to spy on your target person's phone.

But, there is an easy way around that. You can install into your target phone a backup text which will ask you for filter options. Select the 'txt' format for words then export it through by using email as recommended. You are now able to access the targets phone.

5. Secretly Spy WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

Teenagers have a very active social media presence.  Unknown to them, this can expose them to a  lot of predators and dangers as they surf the web. In order for you to keep a close watch on your child's WhatsApp messages, you will require to hack their  phones. You can easily do this by using this WhatsApp spy tool. Spymer has the best parental control software in the market. It has in built features that are easy to use on your child's phone devices.

What is Spymer?

Spymer is a tool that facilitates better  parental control. This monitoring software helps you gain access to data on  your child's iOS devices without  installing on target phone, such as WhatsApp messages, photos, videos,  messages, contacts, call history, etc. And the location history can also be  tracked remotely. What makes it become more popular is that even the deleted  data and the frequently texted or called contacts can be monitored as well.

How to Spy iPhone WhatsApp on Computer with Spymer

In order to effectively spy on your child's  WhatsApp messages on their phones, you will need to know how to download and install  Spymer on your computer. Spymer has come up with four easy steps to follow to  achieve this goal.


Step 1: There is a free trial version available for  Windows 10/8/7 or Mac that you can install on your computer.

Download Now For Windows 10/8/7Coming Soon For Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Step  2: Once the software is launched, follow the Setup  wizard and enter your target person's name and age, and then click 'Next'.

enter the child's

Step  3: Enter the iCloud Apple ID and Password of your  target for Verification. Select the items you want to monitor from the loaded  information from the target phone. Click 'Next' for the data to be scanned and  analyzed.

enter icloud credentials

Step 4: Once Spymer is through with scanning and  analyzing the data, you can then select the items you want to monitor. Then  click the'Export to Computer' button to save on your computer.

spy whatsapp without target device

No matter how much as a parent you would  want to avoid snooping into your child's phone, it has become paramount to know  what they do in their free time. You can now spy on your child's WhatsApp message  comfortably. It's easy to use spy WhatsApp messages online for free. As a  parent you will have complete peace of mind once you know your child is not  using their phones in the wrong way.