How to Hack Whatsapp Message Without Access To Phone (2018 Updated)

By Gary J. Fowler | Jun 27, 2018 10:49 am

With the right hacking software for your  phone, you can know how to hack Whatsapp without access to target phone. Technology  has made hacking people's phones to access their data easy. Below are some of  the ways to know how to hack someone's Whatsapp without access to their phone.


1.  Hack Whatsapp Messages Via MAC Spoofing Technique

The manufacturer of the network adapter  provides every hardware with a physical address. This is the MAC (Media Address  Control) which are unique 12 digit hexadecimal numbers that is given to all  electronic gadgets.

There are many methods you can use to hack Whatsapp  without access to target phone. This method can work on both Android and iPhones.  For your Android phones you need to install apks like Busybox Terminal emulator  spoofing apps. For your iPhone you need to install Wi-Fi spoof or MacDaddy X  apps.

Steps  On How To Hack Whatsapp Using The MAC Spoofing Technique.

Step  1: Uninstall your Whatsapp account from your  Android and iPhone. You need to uninstall your account in order to install the  one you are going to use to hack your targets device. You can later install yours  back from your backup.

Step  2: Get access to your target phone.

Step  3: Identify the mac address on your target  Android or iPhone. In the Android you go to the Settings click on the About  phone then scroll to Status then click Wi-Fi MAC address. For the iPhone go to  Settings click General then scroll to About then click Wi-Fi address.


Step  4: Identify the mac address of your iPhone and  Android phones using the same procedure you used on your target phone. Retain  your original mac address in case you have problems with your internet  connection.

Step  5: Install the Busy box Android emulator app if  hacking an Android phone and the MacDaddy X Wifispoof app if hacking an iPhone.

MacDaddy X Wifispoof app

Step  6: Once you have installed the apps on either  phones, change the Mac address to that of your targets. Open the Android  emulator terminal then type 'ip link show' to give you a list of the type of  interfaces on your phone. Identify the one with the Mac address, say 'eth0'.

Go to the terminal and type 'ip link set  eth0 address MM:MM:MM:SS:SS:SS' then click Enter. In the same terminal type 'ip  link set eth0 broadcast MM:MM:MM:SS:SS:SS' then press Enter to complete the  fake spoofing. The MM:MM:MM:SS:SS:SS is the target's address on both. To check  if you have successfully spoofed your target's Whatsapp account type 'ip link show  eth0' which will show you your target phone's Whatsapp account address.

Step  7: Install the updated Whatsapp app from Google for  Android or iTunes for iPhone and enter your target's phone number. A  verification code will be sent to your target's phone number sim which you need  to activate the account.

Step  8: Access the target phone and enter the code to  your phone. Delete the message from target phone after successfully accessing  the target's Whatsapp account.

Step  9: Use the above steps to change back your Mac  address to your initial address.

2. Hack  Whatsapp Messages Without Access To Phone Using Spymer

Knowing how to hack someone's Whatsapp  without access to their phone is another method you can use to get access to  your target's Whatsapp messages.
 Spymer is a tool that allows you access to  spy on your target device remotely. You can spy on all iOS  devices without installing on target phone. It is compatible with Windows PC  and Mac computers.


  • You can get access to all  existing and deleted data from target's device.

  • You can know where your target  is by checking device current location. The device's location history will also  provide you with your target's movements to know where he/she has been.

  • You can monitor and access all  calls and text messages from the frequently contacted list to know who your  target has been in constant contact with.

  • You get to monitor all 18 Apple  apps and Third party apps from target device. The Apple apps include videos,  photos, contacts, messages, iMessages, notes, reminders, safari bookmarks,  safari history, calendar, call history and voice memos. The Third party apps  include Whatsapp, QQ, Kik, Line, Viber and Wechat.

Steps  On How To Hack iPhone Whatsapp Messages With Spymer

Step  1: Download and install Spymer's free version on  your computer.

Download Now For Windows 10/8/7Coming SoonFor Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Step  2: Launch Spymer then enter target's name and age then  click Next.

enter the child's

Step  3: Login to iCloud using your target's Apple ID and  Password. Click Verify to load device's data.

enter icloud credentials

Step  4: Choose the iPhone device whose Whatsapp messages  you want to hack then click Next to analyze and scan.

choose a device to monitor

Step  5: After analyzing and scanning, preview the data.  Select Whatsapp messages then click Export to computer to save on your  computer.

spy whatsapp without target device

With your busy life schedules keeping up  with family and friends can be tough. Knowing how to hack someone's Whatsapp  without access to their phone can be a way of keeping track of what they are  doing without them knowing.