Monitor WhatsApp Chat History

Read WhatsApp conversations and view its attachments of target device users to protect them from online danger or threat.

Supports Android 4.0 - Android 10

Advantages of Using MoniMaster WhatsApp Tracker

WhatsApp gains wide popularity among youngers, and they spend much time there to communicate with others. So, keep WhatsApp in tracking can safeguard your close ones better. MoniMaster can do well in monitoring WhatsaApp, let's explore why it's a good choice for you.

  • Remotely access existing and deleted WhatsApp messages on target device, both sent and received.
  • Check WhatsApp attachments and media files of the WhatsApp conversations.
  • Monitor without login the account out if there are multiple ones.
  • It will not send any notifications to target device during monitoring.
  • It will automatically take screenshots and upload to the online dashboard.
  • All the data can be exported to yout computer.

User Guide – Quick and Easy

MoniMaster is famous for it's powerful features, and it is also popular with the easy operations. Here we will give the simple steps for Android WhatsApp monitoring. You can go to the official guide for the details.

1. Create an Account & Purchase a Plan

2. Download and Install the App Assistant on the Target Device

3. Start WhatsApp Monitoring and Get Every Details


  • Q:Will the automatically captured WhatsApp screenshots keep on the target phone?

    A:No, the screenshots will be deleted automatically after a short period, during which they are invisible to target.

  • Q: Why am I not seeing any social media chats from the target Android on the online dashboard?

    A: You need to turn on notifications permissions on the target Android phone first.

  • There are two steps to turn on notifications permissions from social media apps, please get hold the target phone:

  • 1. Go to Settings on the target device > Apps > find the social media apps icon > click Notifications and open it.

    2. Open the social media apps you want to monitor > click the user profile icon in the upper left > click Settings in the upper right > find Notifications and open it.