Read Sent / Received SMS

MoniMaster enables you to view sent/received text messages, as well as attached files like photos and videos without accessing target phone.

Supports Android 4.0 - Android 10

Advantages of Using MoniMaster Message Tracker

There are several ways to know whom your kids are chatting with via Messages app and what they are texting. In a comprehensive view, the most concealed and cost-effective approach is to track the sent and received messages with this MoniMaster Message Tracker.

  • Keep an eye on the details of sent and received messages, including the recipient names, numbers, and time stamps.
  • Remotely track target's message with 100% secrecy.
  • The deleted messages also can be detected.
  • You can even search the certain message with keywords.
  • All the data can be synced to online dashboard in real-time.

User Guide – Quick and Easy

MoniMaster is famous for it's powerful features, and it is also popular with the easy operations. Here we will give the steps for Android users to track someone's messages. Or you can go to the official guide for the details.

1. Create an Account & Purchase a Plan

2. Download and Install the App Assistant on the Target Device

3. Start Monitoring and Get Every Details


  • Q: How long does it take for the updated data to display in the online control panel?

    A: The timeliness for the tool to upload data depends on the size of files on the target Android device. Basically it takes 5-10 minutes to display the recorded data on the online control panel.

  • Q: Can I check the updated data from my own device?

    A: Yes, you can access the web control panel from any mobile device with network connection to check the updated data from the monitored Android device.