How to Spy Mobile Without Installing Software

By Gary J. Fowler | Jun 04, 2018 05:43 pm

Nowadays, mobile phones have become  one of the most important tools. People not only use them to communicate but  also to plan their day to day activities. This means that if you need to find  out what someone else is planning, for example, your children, you can just spy  on their mobile phone. If you are to spy on someone's phone, you would want  this to remain private. Installing a spyware software on the target person's  phone will make everything too obvious. But, is it really possible to spy  mobile without installing software?

1. Is It Possible to Spy Mobile Without Installing Software

It is 100% possible to spy mobile  without installing software. Technology has advanced and special software has  already been created to help you spy on other people's mobile phones secretly.  In this article, we will show you the best apps you can use to spy someone's  mobile phone without actually installing the software on the target person's  device.

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2. Top Apps to Spy Mobile Without Installing Software

Highster Mobile

This application will help you spy  on Android phones. It will allow you to track and monitor the majority of  activities the target person does with the Android phone. The target person  will never get to know you are spying on them. Highster Mobile offers  protection and security to people using it. The only features you won't get in  Highster Mobile app include call recording, call streaming, and free GPS  tracking.

Phone Sheriff

This application has proven to be  useful for people who have already used it. The only downside in using this app  is that it lacks privacy. You won't be 100% secure when using the app. You  should only use this application if privacy is not a major concern for you.  Some of the features that Phone Sheriff lacks include call recording, Audio  call streaming, and instant messages access.


You will find this application both  easy to use and affordable. The app has a GPS tracking feature that allows you  to know the whereabouts of your loved ones. The features that this application  lacks include call monitoring, free GPS tracking, instant messaging, and social  media access.


This application allows you to track instant messaging apps, phone calls, social  media, and texts. However, Spyera allows you to access some of the features to  a limited extent. Spyera ensures your spying is kept private since you can  track the target device without installing the application on the device  itself. Some of the things you will not find in the app include call recording  and unlimited instant message and social media access. Also, it is worth noting  that the privacy offered by the app is not perfect.


This application will be  useful if you are not looking for a serious mobile spying  tool. It does not guarantee the privacy. The target person can easily detect it. The app will not be useful in recording calls and in  listening to the target person's live calls. Also, extra support is not  available.

3. Spy Deleted Data Without Target iOS Device

Sometimes you may want to spy on  data that has already been deleted on an iOS device. This is something that can  be achieved using Spymer. This is a tool that was developed in order to help  you exercise better parental control. Spymer allows you to monitor all iOS devices running iOS 11.4 or earlier. You can install and use this tool on either  your Windows PC or Mac. The features you enjoy with Spymer include:

  • You get to access and track 18+ data types remotely, such  as contacts, messages, photos, videos, voice memos, etc.

  • You can remotely monitor location information.

  • You get to see the frequently contacted list on the target device remotely.

  • You get to monitor both the deleted and existing data remotely.

Simply put, Spymer is the best tool  you can use to spy mobile without installing software. But, how do you use it  to spy deleted data without target device?

How to spy existing and deleted data using Spymer

Step  1: Download and install Spymer trial  version for free. This tool is available for both Windows PC and Mac.

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Step  2: Launch the tool. Enter the age and  the name of the person whose iOS device you want to track. Click Next.

enter information

Step  3: Use the Apple ID and Password that  belong to the target person to log into iCloud. Click Verify after entering  these details. This will load the iOS device information.

sign into icloud

Step  4: Select the device whose deleted  data you wish to monitor. Click Next for Spymer to scan and analyze the device  data.

choose a device to scan

Step  5: After the analyzing and scanning  process is finished, preview the deleted data. Select the deleted data you  would like to save to your computer for viewing. Click Export to Computer to  save the data.

preview the data on iphone

In this article, we have shown you  some of the best tools you can use to spy on other people's mobile phones. Some  of the apps will have more features than others. You can easily select the one that fits your needs. If you are looking to spy deleted data without target iOS  device, the best tool to use is Spymer. A free Spymer trial version is  available for both Windows PC and Mac Users.