How to Do iPhone Spy without Access to Target Phone

By Zack Morris | Jun 08, 2018 06:16 pm

Sometimes, spying on someone’s phone is necessary. However, one thing that needs to be maintained throughout the whole process is privacy. You will not have the ability to keep your privacy when spying on an iPhone if you need to touch the iPhone during the process or even install a spyware on the target device.

The good news is that nowadays, you have the ability to spy on iPhone without touching it. This fact is still new to a large number of iPhone owners. When they first hear about it, the first question that comes to their mind is about how to spy on iPhone without having the phone. In this article, we will help you answer the question about how to spy on iPhone without having access to it by showing you the best iPhone spy app without installing on target that you can use.

Part 1: How to Spy on iPhone without Having the Phone?

The best way to spy on iPhone without touching it is through the use of a third-party tool or software that allows you to monitor the target device remotely. The best tool that will allow you to perform an iPhone spy without access to target phone is known as   Spymer. When you are using Spymer, it does not matter the type of iOS device the target person utilizes. The tool is compatible with all iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad models. This includes even iPhone 8 and iPhone X which are the latest.

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In most cases, you will find an iPhone spy app without installing on target requires you to jailbreak the target device before it can work. This is not a good requirement since you are trying to spy on iPhone without touching it in order to maintain privacy. Jailbreaking an iPhone will involve touching it. Spymer does not require you to jailbreak the target device for it to work. The only thing you will require is the target person’s Apple ID and password. If you have these two, you can monitor the target device remotely without the target person knowing you are spying on his or her iPhone.

Spymer will work on both Mac and Windows PC perfectly. In fact, a free trial version for both Mac and Windows is available. Spymer has a large number of features. These are destined to satisfy all your iPhone spy without access to target phone needs. Below, we have outlined these features.

Spymer Features

  • You can use it to remotely track and monitor 12+ data types. The tool will track third-party app data and official iPhone application data. The third-party app data supported by Spymer include QQ, WeChat, Viber, Line, Kik, and WhatsApp. The official iOS app data you can track include calendar, Safari history and bookmarks, reminders, voice memos, call history, contacts, notes, iMessages, messages, videos, and photos.

  • You get to remotely track the target person’s location by checking the current device location. You also get to see the location history for the device.

  • You get to know who is contacted frequently either via calling or messaging.

  • You get to access and monitor the data present on the iOS device and the one that has already been deleted.

Now that you are already aware that Spymer will satisfy all your spying needs, what we need to tell you is how to use this tool. Spymer is one of the easiest iPhone spy app without installing on target to use. The steps below should help you start monitoring all the iPhone devices you wish to monitor.

Note: You don't have to have access to the target iPhone to monitor it only when you are sure that the iCloud backup is on and the two-factor authentication is off on the iPhone you are about to monitor.

How to Use Spymer

Step #1: Download and install the free trial version for either your Windows PC or Mac.
Step #2: Launch Spymer and enter the target person’s age and name. Tap Next.

enter target person information spymer

Step #3: Enter the Apple ID and Password belonging to the target person and click Verify to load the iPhone information. 

enter apple id and password spymer

Step #4: Select the device to monitor and click Next. Wait while Spymer analyzes the device data.

select device to monitor spymer

Step #5: Preview the data after the data is scanned and choose the data you wish to save. Tap Export to Computer to save the data on your Mac or PC.

spymer demo

Part 2: Who You Can Monitor with Spymer?

The Young and Old in Your Family

Spymer allows you to access and monitor a wide range of data available on the iPhone devices belonging to your family members. This includes their internet usage, social media, their call logs, and even their location. If you have young kids and you are concerned they may be consuming the wrong information on the internet, the best thing you can do is track their browsing history using Spymer. This will allow you to guide them. Knowing where your family members are will assure you that they are safe. Spymer will allow you to see the current and previous location of all your family members remotely.

monitor kids with spymer

Employees in Your Company

If you are concerned that you may not be getting the value for the money you pay your employees, you might need solid proof that the employees are not working as they should before talking to the individual people. Maybe your employees waste a lot of their time on their iPhone doing things which are unrelated to what you hired them to do. Spymer will help you track their social media and internet usage. This will help you keep your company at optimal performance.

monitor employee with spymer

Spymer will allow you to track more people than just your family members and your employees. The key thing to keep in mind is that the monitoring has to be done within the confines of the rules and regulations. You have to respect the target people’s privacy. If you violate the law requirements, you will be liable to severe criminal and monetary penalties.


If you are wondering how to spy on iPhone without physical access, this article will provide the answer. The best iPhone spy app without installing on target you can use is Spymer. The tool will allow you to remotely monitor a wide range of data on the target iPhone. This keeps your spying efforts private. A free trial version for Spymer is available. You can use the tool on both Windows PC and Mac.