How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone for Free

By Gary J. Fowler | Jun 14, 2018 02:48 pm

Almost  every day, millions of people are being cheated by their partners across the  world. A study by Truth Description shows that approximately  30%-60% men will cheat on their partner, girlfriend or wife at least once.  These statistics are enough to answer the question – why do half of the  American eventually end-up in a divorce? In the past few years, there's been a  rapid increase in the number of divorces of people below 30 years and the  primary reason for the same has been found to be infidelity. This post will  help you catch hold of cheaters easily using numerous interesting methods and  teach you how to read text messages from another phone for free.  

Spying on your partner's text messages – search the  phone when they are busy

If you're  suspecting your partner of cheating on you or want to monitor their activities  on text messages, the best way to accomplish this task is search the phone when they are busy.

Look  for a time when they're busy with some other work or distracted and leave their  phone on the table, forgetting it completely. If they leave the room hurriedly or rush for an important errand, make the most of the opportunity to spy on  their text messages, social media profiles, call logs, and image & video gallery.

There  are high chances that your partner may be deleting the suspicious chats and calls to keep their hands clean. So, the best way to catch them red handed is spying on their phone when they are a hurry.

Remember – you must act smart and be quick. The minutest of delay can land you in trouble. If you're taking any screenshots and sending them to your phone to  store them as evidence of your partner cheating on you, don't forget to delete them from the 'sent items' list.


Read text messages from a computer remotely using  Spymer

If you're facing a tough time finding the right moment to pick your partner's  phone and scan it for suspicious content, here’s a solution to make your life easy, provided your partner owns an iPhone.

Spymer is a parental control software which allows parents of teenagers and young kids to monitor their  children's iPhone remotely without installing a software on their phone. You can use Spymer for keeping an eye on your partner's activities. Using this  incredible spying solution, you can read your partner's text messages, Whatsapp  messages, Viber messages, track their location, see their location history,  browse through their incoming and outgoing calls, and do a lot more than you  can even imagine.

With Spymer, you can:

  • Track information on different iOS devices - iPhone/iPad/iPod  touch.

  • Use GPS tracking to locate your partner and check their  location history.

  • View top 5 contacts – incoming and outing calls.

  • Easily access almost all the data in the device.

  • Export your partner’s entire iCloud data to your Windows or  Mac PC.

  • Track their activities on inbuilt as well as third-party apps.

  • Perform all the actions mentioned above remotely, without  touching the target device or installing any software on it.

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How to read text messages from  your computer for free using Spymer?

Follow these steps to monitor your partner's iOS device using Spymer software.

1.  You can pick from the two versions – Spymer for Windows 10/8/7 and Spymer for  Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Download Now For Windows 10/8/7Coming Soon For Mac OS X 10.7 or later

2.  Once you're done installing the software, run the Spymer Setup Wizard and  finish the set-up process. Enter your partner's name and age and click on Next.


3. In the second step, enter the iCloud credentials of the target device and click  the 'Verify' button to fetch the device's data.


Once  the device data has been fetched, the device name, time and data volume will be  presented. You can pick one device that you desire to control and click the Next  button to examine and study the data.


4. On the last window, clock Messages option to  preview each message history in detail. Or you can click 'Export to Computer' to save them to your computer.

view data on device

Track text messages using another phone for free using Free Phone Tracker

Using  the free SMS tracker, you can easily track text messages on your partner's  phone without even touching it. You can track call logs, text messages, and a  lot more on your partner's device.

Top 4 features of Free Phone Tracker

  • No cumbersome dashboard, report mailed to you.

  • Easily track messages without access to the target device.

  • Can also be used to track call logs on Android devices.

  • No payment required, it's a free app.


By now, you  must be well-versed with different method to read someone's text messages from  another phone or computer from free. Remember – it's better to be safe than  sorry. So, instead of taking the risk of grabbing the target device and  manually checking it, using a software like Spymer is a better idea. Why don't  you take a free demo and see how it can help you?