How to Hack Someone's Cell Phone Without Touching it - 2018 Guide

By Gary J. Fowler | Jun 12, 2018 03:33 pm

Are you struggling with a difficult teenager in your house? Do you doubt your partner of cheating on you? Is one of your employees forming an alliance with your business competitors? Is your little one over-fascinated with the addictive games on the cell phone?

In your day to day life, there can be several instances where you are left with no option but to keep a check on an individual's whereabouts and their cell phone  activities. You may want to track their messages, photos, videos, audio files,  contacts, or apps. But, how will you do it without touching their cell phone? Do you think it is possible? The answer to these questions lie in the article  itself. Keep reading to uncover the secrets of how to hack someone's cell phone  without touching it.

hack phone without touching

How to Hack Someone's  Phone Without Touching it?

If you are having sleepless nights thinking about a suspicious Whatsapp message in your child’s iPhone, you can now hack into it without touching the device and see what’s happening. How? Using a robust parental control software – Spymer.

With Spymer, you can protect your children against cell phone frauds, malicious content on the internet, and mobile game addiction by monitoring their activity and keep a check on their conversations. What’s the best thing about it? They cannot even guess that you’re tracking their iPhone. Everything can be done remotely.

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Powerful features of Spymer

  • Keep a check on your child's text messages – This is one of the best features of Spymer and most useful for parents. Without touching your child's device, you can read their incoming as well as outing messages.

  • Get an idea of the call log – With Spymer, you can check the top 5 texted or called contacts.

  • Check activity on third-party apps – Whether you want to check their Whatsapp messages or Viber messages, you can easily accomplish the task with Spymer.

  • Track location – You can also track your child's location or their location history in one-go.

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    Spymer allows you to hack into your children's cell phone without touching it and keep a check on what they are up to.


    Why We Developed Spymer?

    Parents are often skeptical about their children getting to know that they've been tracking their devices to ensure they are safe and secure. They do not want  their children to be upset or think that their privacy is being stolen. However, as a parent, you must remember that there's no shame in saving them from malicious apps and cell phone concepts that can be unsafe for them. You must do your deed without paying heed to your child's tantrum. That's how we  came up with the idea of creating a software for parents concerned about their children's exposure to the cell phone world and their safety. Spymer is an incredible solution to ensure your children's safety and monitor their iOS device activity.

    hack phone without touching it

    When Will You Want to Hack a Mobile Phone?

    Spymer is a powerful spy solution which can help you hack into someone's phone without touching it and get access to all their personal data. There are numerous  scenarios where Spymer can come handy and we will talk about 3 of these in this section. Let's look at each of them one by one.

    Keeping a check on your employees

    Spymer can prove extremely useful for monitoring employees who you think are leaking your business secrets to your competitors. You  can keep an eye on them real-time during the working hours and see if they are  constantly in touch with one of your business competitors.

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    Guarding your family, especially kids

    Spymer parental control monitoring software allows you to guard your children against social evils prevalent in today's world. Not  only young children, you can also ensure the safety of your stubborn teenagers.

    guard kids

    The final thought

    Now that you are well-versed with Spymer, you can easily use it to ensure that your near and  dear ones are safe. If you observe a potential threat in their cell phone, you  can take action there and then. You can silently monitor their contact lists,  text messages, Whatsapp messages, Snapchat messages, audio files, video clips,  photos, and a lot more than you can even imagine. All you need to do it install the software on your Windows and Mac PC, complete the set-up process, enter the  required details, export the data to your PC and start monitoring it.

    Want to see how Spymer can help you get rid of the stress surrounding your  children's safety?

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