5 Top-Rated Cell Phone Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone

By Gary J. Fowler | Jun 12, 2018 07:34 pm

Mobile phones have become the most used  electronic devices in the world. Literally everyone has one or two phones that  are in constant use. They have become a primary source of communication. As a  parent, you need to keep track of your children's phone activities. Installing  spy monitoring software can help you spy on your children privately.


1. Spymer - Best For iPhones

Spymer is a desktop program which can only be installed in computers. This software helps you access data on your  children's iOS devices for effective guidance. You can also use Spymer to  monitor iPhones/ iPad and iPad touch. You can use Spymer to monitor all iOS  devices and also those running iOS 11 and earlier versions.

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Spymer  Features: 

Monitor Data in Built-in Apps And 3rd-party Apps: Spymer will help you  monitor data in all your target's built-in apps on their iPhone. These Apps include all the supported built-in Apple Apps and third party Apps like photos,  messages, contacts, call history, reminders, voice memos, calendars etc. and the social media Apps.

Track The Frequently Contacted List: Your children have a busy  social life which you don't know about. Spymer has an inbuilt feature for  iPhones that helps you monitor all the frequently called contacts to know what  they are up to.

Track Existing &  Deleted Data: Children access and delete  data all the time. This cell phone monitoring software will help you keep track  of any deleted data from your child's phone. You can also view the current data.

lost iphone messages without backup

2. Mobile Spy Agent

This is a cell phone monitoring software  that will help you track your child's activities and movement. It can be  installed in all Android and iPhones. Once installed, you are able to monitor  all incoming and outgoing calls, all installed Apps and much more. It also  guarantees that the person you are spying on cannot tamper with the spy App.  Some of its features that might interest you are its GPS tracking system which  is able to track all your child's installed Apps, track SMS's and browser  history and have access to photos and videos your child is looking at.

It will also interest you to know that with  this spy software, you are able to silently track and spy on your target without  them noticing through your PC and with the help of its auto stealth mode technology  that helps it go virtually unnoticed.


3. Screen Time Parental Control

This App is liked by both the parents and the  children. The parent is able to set time limits on how the children use their  phones and the children don't feel restricted to using their phones even though  you manage the time they spend on them. This will help you to analyze how much  time they spend watching TV shows, movies and reading books on the devices. It  also has fun features and activities that your child will love.

Its features help you to restrict when your  child goes to bed and time spent on the phone watching TV and movies by using  the Pause and Play buttons.  You can even  monitor your child's homework from the created checklist. With this App you are  able to monitor the time your child spends on every website they visit.


4. Norton Family Premier

This is an App that helps your child have a  healthy balance between their studies and their web browsing time. The whole  family is able to browse the web safely making it a friendly place for your  child. With the help of its filtering tools, you get  information of your child's web activities.

It provides you with accurate data from its  GPS tracking system and your child's browser history from its search engine  filters.

Norton family premier provides an easy way  to remotely configure restrictions and block any contacts you feel pose a  threat to your child. However this App cannot monitor calls and messages or  restrict the time your child spends on their phone.


5. Spyera

Spyera is mostly used by parents who want  to spy on their child's activities and movements. It can be used on spy  cameras, PC's or even tablets. You are able to intercept, listen and record  live calls your child makes. Spyera can track all your child's social media,  phone calls and messaging activities using a real-time location tracking system.

However, it's important to note that this  App is expensive.


All the above cell phone monitoring Apps  provide you with an array of options to use when spying on your child or other  people. Spymer is giving you a variety of software Apps that are easy to use  and discrete. If you are not sure how it works you can always download the free  trial version onto your PC or Mac.