Top 6 Parental Control Apps for Cell Phones 2018

By Gary J. Fowler | Jun 06, 2018 01:27 pm

As a parent, it is your  responsibility to make sure that your children are safe. This does not  necessarily mean just providing a roof over their head. It also means making  sure that technology does not take part in messing their lives. A lot of  parents are willing to regulate how their children use their phones. The major  question that they are yet to find an answer to is how this can be done. You  cannot always follow your children wherever they go just to make sure they are  using their cell phones correctly. However, what you have not realized is that  parental control apps for cell phones are available. In this article, we will  show you the apps you can use to control your kid’s cell phone usage.


The best parental control apps for  cell phones should allow you to spy on your kid's mobile phone without them  having to know that you are doing it. One tool that lets you do this is Spymer. This software will allow you to monitor all your children's iOS devices as long  as they are running iOS 11.4 or earlier. A free Spymer trial version is available on both Windows and a Mac.

Download Now For Windows 10/8/7Coming Soon For Mac OS X 10.7 or later

The  features offered by this tool include:

  • You can access and tack more than 18 data types on your kid’s iOS devices remotely. By doing this, you get to protect them from fraud, dangerous internet content, and even mobile game addiction.

  • You get to see where your kids have been by tracking the current device location and also viewing the device location history  remotely.

  • You get to know who the children are calling or texting  the most by checking their frequently contacted list remotely.

  • You get to monitor the data existing on the kid's iOS  devices. Even if the data has been deleted, you still get to view it  remotely using Spymer.

view data on device

Kids Place

This is among the top-rated parental control apps for cell phones. This is a tool that makes the cell phone 100%  child proof. The application will allow you to lock the Home screen, search,  call, and back buttons. This prevents the kid from moving from the Kids Place.  Also, the kid cannot make any calls. The application will ensure that your  child uses his or her phone within limits. The features available in Kids Place  include:

  • You get to customize the Home screen such that only authorized apps are available.

  • The app has a timer feature that allows you to support various user profiles and lock Kids place.

  • You can block incoming calls and disable wireless signal when the kid is using the phone.

  • It has an auto restart in case your kids close it  accidentally.

  • You can customize the wallpaper.

  • It has plugins which allow you to censor website content, pictures, and even videos. These run in the background.

kids place


This application is compatible with  all devices including Blackberry, Android, and iOS. Installing Webwatcher is  quick and easy. The app is undetectable. It allows you to monitor your child's activities remotely from a  computer without him or her knowing. On top of the tool being undetectable,  below are its additional features:

  • It will send notifications automatically.

  • You get to access and monitor photos and messages  irrespective of whether they are on the phone or they have been deleted already.

  • It gives you access to the call history and installed  applications on the target device.

  • You get to track social media apps including Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and more.



Qustodio is available for use on  Mac, Windows PC, Kindle, iOS, and even Nook. The application is available in  two versions. You can either get the paid version or the free version. The  features offered by the free version include:

  • Setting time schedules.

  • Blocking pornography.

In addition to the features offered  by the free version, the paid version will also have the following features:

  • It will allow you to monitor the SMS.

  • It will give you the ability to track your child's  social media usage.

  • You get per-app controls.



This tool allows you to track what your kids are typing into their  cellphones and the websites they are visiting. The tool allows you to select  the level of privacy you want to give your kids. The additional features  available in KidLogger include:

  • Recording the screenshots taken by your kids.

  • It has a voice-activated sound recorder in case you want to record your child's phone calls.

  • It monitors WhatsApp conversations.

  • It can listen to Skype calls.



This is a program developed by  Google to eliminate the possibility of your children having to come across  unsavory content when using the normal Google search. Although Kiddle is not  supposed to replace your watchful eye, it helps kids get search results which  are relevant to them. The results are usually hand-picked and hence they are  safe.


Technology may be both an advantage  as well as a disadvantage. If you leave your children to use their cell phones  without any monitoring, they may end up using them in the wrong way. You don't  have to overwhelm your kids or yourself by having to check what they are doing  on their phone every now and then. You can let technology do the heavy lifting  for you. In this article, you will find the best parental control apps for cell  phones. Use them to keep your kids safe.